Accurate Business Information for Amazon Sellers

What you can’t measure, you can’t manage
– The McKinsey Maxim

  • Business Information is only useful if you KNOW it’s correct
  • Double entry accounting is vital to acuracy
  • Multi-currency support
  • Support for multiple sales tax and VAT systems

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Business Information is only useful if you KNOW it’s correct.

Double entry accounting Double entry accounting is a process that allows data to be cross checked or reconciled to make sure that it is both correct and complete. Unless your reports are based on data that is both correct and complete you can not rely on it to run your business.

SM>A is built on top of a state of the art double entry accountancy system That’s not just nice to have – its absolutely essential to making sure that the reports and data that come out of the system are accurate.

Native integrations The integrations between SM>A and Amazon, Shopify, Magento, eBay and all the other sales channels are developed and maintained by our own staff, we don’t use plug-ins or third party connectors because we have found in the past that they cause data degradation which reduces the accuracy of your reports and they can fail silently which means that your system misses vital data.
Third party connectors also cost a lot of money, our native integrations are included in the price of SM>A.

Built By eCommerce Experts Our team has over 50 years' experience in eCommerce, we know your business and what makes it tick, we built SM>A after trying many of the alternative solutions and coming to understand their failings.
No system is better for customers using Amazon FBA as an important Sales Channel.

SM>A supports multi-currency trading Multi-currency trading is a fact of life for most Amazon sellers, you buy your stock in US Dollars and sell in US Dollars, Pounds, Euros and maybe Canadian & Australian Dollars as well. SM>A handles all of that seamlessly, update your exchange rate daily, weekly or monthly as YOU see fit and see the real effect of changing exchange rates on your profitability fast. Add as many currencies as you need and convert selling prices automatically – and be sure that your reports are still accurate.

SM>A supports multiple tax systems 'right out of the box' Sales Tax, Value Added Tax and GST are a pain, we can’t make them go away, but we can soothe the sting. SM>A allows you to track your tax liabilities and produce reports quickly and easily, and we offer tax filing services for all European countries and the USA directly from the application. (extra fees apply for tax filing services)

FBA Specific Integration

SM>A is designed specifically to integrate with Amazon and keep records for both merchant fulfilled and Amazon fulfilled orders. We also integrate with Amazon payments, Amazon Marketing and FBA stock records to provide the detail that you need to really understand your Amazon Business

Weekly or Monthly Accounts

Get regular accounts delivered to your inbox, you cant manage what you don't measure, SM>A is the tool that you need to measure your business.

Build Your Business Beyond Amazon

We provide all the tools and integrations to allow you to add extra sales channels, sell through Shopify, Magento, eBay etc using your Amazon data and stock.

So Much More Than Accounts