Integration is EVERYTHING

Our Integrations are designed and made in house

  • We use detailed Bi-Directional Integrations
  • Carefull mapping to maintain product relationships
  • No extra costs to integrate SM>A
  • Support for multiple sales tax and VAT systems

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Fully Integrated by Default.

No extra costs Our integrations are included in the base cost of SM>A.

Developed and supported in house All of our integrations are developed and supported in house so you know that they will work and keep working with no input from you and no extra cost.

Sales Integrations Integrate with sales platforms including Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Magento Integrations

Bank and Payment Integrations Integrate with your bank accounts, payment processors like PayPal, Stripe and Amazon Payments to upload transaction details automatically making tracking cash much, much easier.

Native integrations The integrations between SM>A and Amazon, Shopify, Magento, eBay and all the other sales channels are developed and maintained by our own staff, we don’t use plug-ins or third party connectors because we have found in the past that they cause data degradation which reduces the accuracy of your reports and they can fail silently which means that your system misses vital data.
Third party connectors also cost a lot of money, our native integrations are included in the price of SM>A.

Fully Integrated With FBA Track stock and record orders and returns in FBA warehouses, account for FBA sales without re-keying data.

Integrate with your chosen 3PL SM>A works with all 3PL systems, and as we are cloud based it can be used by any 3PL or remote warehouse with access to the internet.

API for further integration Use our API to integrate with any other system that you need to get data from or send date to.

Lock in Your Customers

By providing your customers with their accountancy service as well as office space and other services you can deepen your relationship and secure your customers for the lonbg term.

Weekly or Monthly Reports

Your customers will get detailed financial performance reports on a schedule of their choosing and get key metrics sent over daily or on demand.

Support Your Customers

Businesses who have up to date financial information are much more likely to suceed in th elong term - they spot problems sooner and are more likely to thrive, SM>A is a great way to help your customers suceed.

So Much More Than Accounts