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  • Print Labels and Invoices directly from our system
  • Inteligent pick lists
  • Multi Language documentation
  • Automate manual tasks to save time and money

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Faster, easier order processing.

Better order processing Ship orders directly from SM>A, your staff or contractors can produce picking lists, invoices and shipping labels directly from the app.

Multiple warehouse support Track your stock across multiple warehouses, track serial numbered items, batches of items from different suppliers and track inbound stock on long transfers (such as sea freight shipments from far off lands).
Set up as many warehouses as you like in our system - owned by you, run for you or FBA warehouses holding your stock, we will help you keep track of them and get the most out of them. Point orders to the correct warehouse with flexible rules and minimise transport costs.
Keep track of stock in transit by sea or air and give customers realistic delivery estimates. Allocate stock to back orders in a flexible and easy way. Manage Pick lists and purchase requirement lists in a sensible and easy process.

Intelligent picking lists Print lists with everything needed to pick a batch of orders at the same time, sorted to allow a single walk through your warehouse for more efficiant picking

Stock take functions Stock taking is a vital part of maintaining inventory control, our system includes functions for full stock takes with reconciliation and error checking

Cross platform shipping Ship your shopify orders from FBA in a single click or your Amazon orders from you own warehouse. Drop shipping is also supported.

Real Time Information

So Much More Than Accounts (SM>S for short) is a combination of cloud-based software and accountancy services that provides a unique view of the financial position of a business in real time. Perfect for fast moving online retail businesses

Stock and Orders

SM>A is so much more than an accounts package, it includes comprehensive product management as well as sales platform and marketplace integrations. SM>A gets your key data in one place and update it automatically through to your marketplace accounts with Amazon, eBay etc and sales platforms like Magento and Shopify.

Built in Integrations

Unlike other systems which need expensive add on connectors, SM>A is directly integrated to online sales channels, payment providers and bank accounts to allow hassle free date transfer. Our open API allows other systems (including bespoke systems) to be directly integrated.

So Much More Than Accounts