All the Help and Support You Need.

None of the Costs You Don't Need

  • Four Types of Staff on call 24x7
  • Available by the Task or by the Hour
  • Pay only when you need help
  • Experts available in many different areas as required

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All the Help and Support You Need.
None of the Costs You Don't

Your Staff or Our Staff Our Web App can be used by your staff or by your accountants - but it also comes with something that no other accounts package has. Our team of experienced and qualified staff, available to complete tasks for you.
From simple admin tasks like entering invoices to reconciling bank transactions to CFO level tasks like writing business plans or completing and checking accounts for presentation to your bank we have you covered.

Our staff come in 4 price bands;
Admin tasks Which are charged by the task.
Qualified Accountant Available from £20 per hour.
Financial Controller Available from £30 per hour.
Chief Financial Officer Available from £50 per hour..

Get Help Easily Any Time You can access help from one of our people directly from inside our Web App or even through the API - thats right real people available to you through an API - how cool is that?

Save Money and Improve Results By paying for financial staff only when you need them you can greatly reduce the cost of running a professional and effective finance function in your business and maintain access to the best support, help and advice when you need it.

Fully API integrated

So Much More Than Accounts (SM>S for short) can be used to produce your accounts almost exclusively through data provided through an API. Perfect for Software companies

Weekly or Monthly Reports

Get regular reports on your business performance with no intervention from you, or get real time information at the click of your mouse.

Outsourced Accountancy Staff

SM>A Provides staff when you need them, and zero costs when you dont. get a CFO for a day if you need one or a debt collector for a week - perfect for the ups and downs of a software business.

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